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5 Easy cocktails everyone should know - Part 2
Posted at 09:02 by Maryna Cursi

Mondays are Tequila days, so your second cocktail of 5 Easy cocktails everyone should know is a Margarita




Glass: Rocks or martini

Ingredients:50ml Tequila of your choice (make sure it's a good one)   

    25 ml Contreau

    25ml lime juice 

     dash of sugar /agave syrup


How do i make a margarita?

Put all the intredients into a mixing glass and fill it with ice. Cap with a Boston shaker and shake for a few seconds. Stain either over ice in a rocks glass or fine strain straight up into a cocktail glass that has been frosted with salt.  Garnish with a 'perky' lime wedge or wheel which can be used to take the salt off the rim of the glass.  Now we know.... you will enjoy this one! 


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