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5 Easy cocktails everyone should know - Part 1
Posted at 11:59 by Maryna Cursi

We all love a good cocktail and it really is easy enough to do it yourself. Lets teach you one at a time.

Here's our first of 5 Easy cocktails everyone should know

 Aperol Spritz

Glass: Large wine glass

Garnish: Orange slice

 Ingredients: 2 Parts Aperol 

          3 Parts Prosecco

     Soda water


How do I : Fill your glass with ice cubes, add 2 parts Aperol, 3 parts Prosecco and top with Soda                      Water.  Garnish with a juicy orange slice.  It's that easy.



Did you know:  

Silvio Barbieri named Aperol after the French "apero" that he had learnt on a trip to France in the early 1900's.

Aperol is made to a secret family recipe that has not changed since it was created.

Google lists over 1.800.000 links connected to Spritz

Aperol is the No 1 selling aperitif in Italy and in the top 10 fastest selling spirits in the world. 

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