Master Class
"Knowledge is power...a good bartender should never stop learning and developing new skills"
The bartender is one of the most dignified, law abiding, and ascetic of men. He is guided be a rigid code of professional ethics; his work demands a clear head and a steady hand.
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Superyacht Hospitality Host Package
Reference SHP
Duration 10 Days
Price R16250.00
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The perfect package that has been put together with the core beverage skills need for the world’s top superyachts. This package will get you confident with making cocktails, coffee and spirit knowledge. We also will give you some tips for dealing with demanding clients.

Course Overview

The package consists of the combination of the following courses

5 Day International Bartenders Course
3 day Professional Barista
WSET level 1 international spirit exam

Package Value: R 18250
Package Price: R 16250
Save: R 2000