Master Class
"Knowledge is power...a good bartender should never stop learning and developing new skills"
When he snatches the bottle from the well, he knows, without looking, that it is grenadine and not triple sec, and if it should prove to be triple sec, to bad, dad, the drink is already mixed.
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Whiskey Master Class
Reference WMC
Duration 1 Day
Price R900.00
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Course Times:      2 hours 5pm – 7pm
Course Type:       Suitable for trade and consumer
Suitable for:         Designed for the beginner and       enthusiast.
Examinations:      None
Certification:       Attendance                           

Cost for 1 person:         R900.00
Cost for 2 people:         R1600.00

Course Overview

Course Overview:                              
Experience whiskey tasting at its best and enjoy a sensory journey through the ancient flavours of Scotland, Ireland and the USA preserved in our carefully selected variety of whiskies. You will be guided through a tasting of/pairing with the best Scotch, Irish and Bourbon whiskies by a master whiskey connoisseur.
The tasting experience details an introduction to the basic methodologies of what gives these varieties of whiskey their names, production methods and comparative tastings.