Master Class
"Knowledge is power...a good bartender should never stop learning and developing new skills"
A skilful barkeep no more looks at his accoutrements than a practiced typist or pianist peers at the keys, but works with both hands simultaneously, full blast, undimmed by the usual dull requirements of routine.
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Whiskey Master Class
Reference WMC
Duration 1 Day
Price R900.00
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Course Times:      2 hours 5pm – 7pm
Course Type:       Suitable for trade and consumer
Suitable for:         Designed for the beginner and       enthusiast.
Examinations:      None
Certification:       Attendance                           

Cost for 1 person:         R900.00
Cost for 2 people:         R1600.00

Course Overview

Course Overview:                              
Experience whiskey tasting at its best and enjoy a sensory journey through the ancient flavours of Scotland, Ireland and the USA preserved in our carefully selected variety of whiskies. You will be guided through a tasting of/pairing with the best Scotch, Irish and Bourbon whiskies by a master whiskey connoisseur.
The tasting experience details an introduction to the basic methodologies of what gives these varieties of whiskey their names, production methods and comparative tastings.

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