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"Knowledge is power...a good bartender should never stop learning and developing new skills"
When he snatches the bottle from the well, he knows, without looking, that it is grenadine and not triple sec, and if it should prove to be triple sec, to bad, dad, the drink is already mixed.
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Molecular Mixology Course
Reference MM
Duration 1 Day
Price R2950.00
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Course Times:
1 x 7 hour session 10am – 5pm

Suitable for:      
Use in-trade and consumer
Previous Bartending experence essential
Designed for those wishing to explore cutting edge drink preparation and molecular mixology

Course Weight: 20% Theory
                         80% Practical

Certification: Molecular Mixology Course certified by Shaker BarSchool®

Course Overview

The world's first course covering the applications of molecular mixology for practical use in a bar environment. This course covers the techniques used in cutting edge luxury cocktails and the practical applications of science in the bar. We kick things off with an introduction to the science of taste and flavour and explore the sensory experience of drinking.

Starting with the basics we teach homemade sodas and foams and teach students how to make their own bitters from scratch, no distillery needed!!!

Taking inspiration from some of the world's top chefs including Pierre Gagnaire, Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adria, you will learn the cutting edge techniques to make flavoured caviar and ravioli (see Mango Pina Colada disguised as a boiled egg), light and heavy foams and airs, jellies and explore some forgotten classic drinks categories, modern twists and competition winning recipes.

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R2,850             JHB

Place a deposit of R1,000 to reserve your place then pay your remaining course balance before the 1st day of your course, or pay in full now.

N.B. Bookings made within 72hrs of course start date must be paid in full and will not be guaranteed to be pre-sent course literature (all information is available on the website or by calling 021 422 1574 between 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri).

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