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Bar Managers Stock Course
Reference BSC 001
Duration 3 Days
Price R6250.00
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The Bar Managers Stock course is one of the first Bar Industry specific courses in South Africa. This course is designed to cover all the stock management basics with topics including stock control, stock taking, controlling and understanding profit calculations, managing your GP and many more.
Stock systems will always change from one venue to another, but it's a myth that the stock take will always stay the same. The BMS course will provide you with the ability to understand the theory behind stock control and then control any stock system no matter how big or small.
Please note: course dates arranged according to bookings.

Course Overview

Topics covered are:

The importance of stock control
Stock unit measurements
Stock par levels
Nine steps to successful stock taking
Stock issuing and receiving
Stock rotation & F.I.F.O
Stock sheets and Stock variances
Gross and nett profit
Dealing with unexpected stock problems
Human errors
Trade tips

BMSC course (Bar Managers Stock)
Course Times: 21 hours / 3 days (Monday to Wednesday) 10am - 5pm
Suitable for: Bartenders, Restauranteurs, Restaurant Managers and Assistant managers.
Designed for the professional Bartender and Restaurant Manager.

All students applying for this course need to have passed Mathematics in Grade 12.

Course Weight: 70% theory
                         30% practical
Examinations: Yes
Certification: BMSC certificate
(Bar Managers stock) course.

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