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"Knowledge is power...a good bartender should never stop learning and developing new skills"
He must have sound and fluent conversation; he cannot be drunken or dirty; the slightest dubiousness is quick to exile him to the police force, journalism, the oyster boats, or some other Siberia of the broken.
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Flair and Bar Skills Class
Reference IFC
Duration 1 Day
Price R1200.00
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Our instructors break down the moves and demonstrate which moves are practical to use in a working environment. Areas covered:

        Free pouring techniques
        Free pour examination
        'Working flair' over 50 challenging flair moves
        Partnership flair bartending
        Risk free moves for using in working bar environment
        Flair routines and sequences.

Course Overview

We aim to focus on your own style of flair, starting with a structure and developing your skills at your own pace. Students will have the opportunity to use various bar objects as well as learning to improve their overall style behind the bar.

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