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"Knowledge is power...a good bartender should never stop learning and developing new skills"
Stirring and sloshing, rinsing and wiping, pouring and garnishing, with a fry cook's retention and an acrobat's timing, he virtually dances through his shift, skating, as it were, on the chunky ice he scoops with furious delicacy into each glass.
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Tequila Masterclass
Reference TMC1
Duration 1 Day
Price R675.00
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Tequila Masterclass
Reference        TMC1
Duration        2 Hours
Price                R675.00

Tequila, the national spirit of Mexico has had an interesting past and is one of the most fascinating. There is a much larger variety available then people think with some amazing and interesting way of serving it apart from lime & salt. We will take over many different styles and show you how the real Mexican drinks their tequila.

Course Overview

Course Overview
The Tequila Masterclass
Welcome Tequila cocktail on arrival
2 hours with the master Rum connoisseur
Tequila Masterclass manual
Wide variety and styles of Tequilas from around Mexico
Location | Cape Town - from 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Location | Johannesburg - from 4pm to 6pm
Duration | Allow two hours for this experience.

Cost – R675

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