Master Class
"Knowledge is power...a good bartender should never stop learning and developing new skills"
A skilful barkeep no more looks at his accoutrements than a practiced typist or pianist peers at the keys, but works with both hands simultaneously, full blast, undimmed by the usual dull requirements of routine.


Brandy Alexander


Glass: 5 oz Martini
Method: shake & fine strain
37.5ml cognac
12.5ml Crème de cacao
25ml double cream
Grated nutmeg to garnish


Add cognac, cacao and cream to a mixing glass and cap with a Boston shaker. Shake for a few seconds and fine strain into a chilled martini glass. Dust with grated nutmeg


grated nutmeg

Other Information

Popular during Prohibition in the United States, it is believed that the original version was made with bathtub gin (named Alexander) and cream to mask the flavour of the poorly made crude alcohol.

Replace cognac with gin for the original Alexander cocktail.