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Note: Not all brands of liqueur will have the same density or weight. Always pour the heaviest liqueur first and proceed with the next heaviest, ending with the lightest.

Glass: 2oz shot glass
Method: layer
12.5ml Coffee liqueur
12.5ml Baileys Irish cream
12.5ml Cointreau


Layer each liqueur/spirit in the order listed above. Finish by setting fire to the Cointreau. The Cointreau can also be set on fire in a brandy balloon and then poured into the drink.



Other Information

Traditionally known as a pousse-café, translates literally from the French as ‘pushes coffee’, this layered drink makes a perfect after dinner cocktail to have with or after coffee. It was introduced in New Orleans in the 1840's and became quite popular throughout the US by the turn of the century. Each layer is meant to complement the next and should be sipped slowly to savour each flavour.

There are a number of variations to this recipe which replace the Cointreau (including Galliano – B57, Absinthe – B55)