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Cape Cod


This drink is named after the popular holiday resort in Massachusetts. This drink has become very popular, having similar bitter/dry characteristics to a gin and tonic. For those who don’t like gin, The Cape Cod is an alternative that comprises berry freshness and a dry edge without the distinctive gin overtones.

Glass: 12oz collins
Method: shake & strain
Ice cubes
2 lime wedges
50ml Wyborowa vodka
100ml cranberry juice


Squeeze one piece of lime into a mixing glass. Add the vodka, cranberry, and fill with ice. Shake vigorously for a few seconds and strain into an ice filled Collins glass.


add the second lime wedge on top of the drink to garnish.

Other Information

Simple additions of another fruit juice make a Breeze; the most famous of Breezes is the Sea Breeze, with the addition of grapefruit juice.

Adding spirits or liqueurs expands the category further to drinks like the Woo Woo, Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Beach.

As with most fruity cocktails shaking the drink will result in a much more chilled and better tasting drink, but they are commonly built and stirred for speed and efficiency in busier bars.