Master Class
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When he snatches the bottle from the well, he knows, without looking, that it is grenadine and not triple sec, and if it should prove to be triple sec, to bad, dad, the drink is already mixed.


Bloody Mary


This is one of the most famous cocktails in the world and is a great drink when made correctly and one of the worst when not. Almost any ingredient can be used to personalize it, from Sake and wasabi to beef bouillon and port.

Glass: 12oz collins
Method: build & shake
Ice cubes
50ml Wyborowa vodka
Fresh tomato juice
Salt and pepper
Worcestershire sauce
Tabasco sauce
Dash of lemon or lime juice


Fill the glass with ice and add the vodka, tomato juice and condiments. Shake the drink gently and pour back into the glass. This drink should not really be watered down and should be served as a thick soup like drink, so be sure only to mix the ingredients gently with your shake.


a celerey stick, wedge of lime or lemon and add a long straw.

Other Information

Variations include: rimming the glass with celery salt and adding a stick of celery as a stirrer; sherry float on the top of the drink or add a little cracked pepper. The choice is yours or more importantly your customers…

Bloody Maria (substitute vodka for tequila)

Bloody Mary-Lou (substitute vodka for bourbon)

Red Snapper (substitute vodka for gin)

Bloody Mary Buffet (this includes a tray of spices, herbs, condiments, sauces, aperitifs and wines that can be added to the base ingredients of the Bloody Mary to create a personalized version. Here, the customer decides which condiments they would like)