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A bartender's beauty is in his moves, in the way he struts his stuff, in the field of rhythms that is set up in the orchestrated hatching of a large order of drinks.


Piña Colada


The most famous of the coladas. It's Spanish translation meaning ‘strained pineapple’. The origins of this popular modern classic are found in Puerto Rico in the 1950's–60's.

Glass: hollowed out pineapple or
12oz hurricane
Method: shake & fine strain
37.5ml Havana Club rum
12.5ml coconut rum
75ml pineapple juice or 50ml Funkin pineapple purée
12.5ml Coco Lopez coconut cream
12.5ml double cream
5ml sugar syrup (not in the classic version but helps to lift the sweet flavours used)


Add ingredients to a mixing glass, add ice and shake vigorously, strain into an ice filled hollowed out pineapple or 12 oz hurricane.


a pineapple leaf

Other Information

The Colada is a typical tropical fruit drink, with plenty of rum to boot. With little imagination and the use of the modifier theory the predominant coconut rum and cream can be replaced for fresh fruit or puree. Strawberry and Raspberry Coladas work well and most tropical fruits including:

Passion Fruit Colada

Melon Colada

Banana Colada (all ingredients requires blending)

Kiwi Colada (all ingredients requires blending)