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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know And More...

We are very proud of our bartending schools and know you will be impressed with our facilities and the professionalism of our team. Then just to make sure, visit some other training academies and see what they have to offer you. Get the bigger picture to make sure you pick the best course and bar school for you!

Why you should?

  • Gain confidence with hands on and theoretical experience in a real bar scenario
  • Boost your employability
  • Travel the world with your qualifications
  • Experience and qualifications = Great job + top rate wages + amazing tips!
  • learn an employable skill during your gap year
  • Learn the fine art of mixology
  • Gain the knowledge required to work in some of the best bars around the world

Why your staff should?

  • To suit your bar, cocktail menu and staff needs
  • Training will consistently boost and uphold your service standards
  • Training staff effectively increases retention and decreases staff turnover
  • Improving your customer service will increase your repeat business and profitability
  • Training your staff will help place your business head and shoulders above your competitors
  • Inspire and educate your team and ignite a passion for professionalism behind your bar
  • Shaker also offer a bespoke consultancy training service, designed specifically to suit your bar, cocktail menu and staff needs

to find out more call 021 422 1574

Why Shaker?

  • Be inspired and educated by some of the top bar trainers in South Africa and the UK, with a combined experience of over 50 years in the bar industry
  • Our training academies offer a definitive range of accredited and vocational hospitality courses, internationally recognised throughout the bar industry
  • Shaker BarSchools offer world class training environments enriched with state of the art equipment, professional bar stations, over 500 spirits and liqueurs, and an extensive library
  • With over 3000 graduates since 2001, Shaker BarSchools are the longest established and largest contemporary bar training company in the UK and the leading BarSchool in South Africa
Q. Why Shaker BarSchool?

Shaker BarSchool has an unrivalled reputation within the bar industry and our bar courses are respected within industry.We have graduated over 2000 bartenders through our bartender courses.

Q. What is the difference between Shaker BarSchool® and others?
  • Research, Experience, Alcohol, Learn by Doing.
  • Research - We have the most researched bartender training program in South Africa. Our courses were formulated as part of a Degree (Bsc) and Masters Degree (Msc).
  • Experience - Our combined 40+ years experience in the bar industry has given our team the experience of almost all bar environments from Public House to Hotel Bar, Style Bar to Club Bar, Tourist Resorts to Restaurant Bars.
  • Alcohol - We use REAL alcohol only, unlike most other bartending schools, and real fruit, herbs and juices.
  • Learn by Doing - research tells us that the best way for anyone to learn a skill is by doing, we place 75% of the course emphasis on practical.

We urge you to visit one of our schools first to see why over a 2000 men and women have chosen our courses over all the others. One 20 minute visit will show what the difference is.

Q. Where are the BarSchools?

SHAKER BarSchool, Cape Town, South Africa
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SHAKER BarSchool Johannesburg, South Africa.
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SHAKER BarSchool Durban, South Africa.
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Q. BarSchools? What's that?
Training academies dedicated to bartending, cocktail and flair related courses. It is what SHAKER does best!
Q. How much are the BarSchool Courses?
All prices are published on our website and in our information packs that are available to download.
To reserve your seat, we require a deposit. The outstanding balance needs to be settled the day before the course commences. To book please or should you have any questions call 021 4221574. Please click on terms and conditions to view our bookings and cancellations policy
Q. What's included in the IBC or what do you get for your Rands?

You receive the following:

  • Intensive hands-on, practical and theoretical instruction.
  • Shaker bartender bible, inc. Informative handouts and study materials.
  • Experiment with over 400 spirits and liqueurs.
  • Learn THE classic and contemporary cocktails for the modern bar scene.
  • Shaker BarSchool accredited international bartender's certificate.
  • Shaker BarSchool accredited free-pouring certificate.
  • Written, Practical and Free-pour examinations.
  • Refreshments
Q. Accommodation/Travel?
We provide all delegates, on confirmation of booking, a detailed welcome pack with local, national and international travel arrangements, along with recommended/reasonably priced hotels and local information for your convenience. We do not arrange any accommodation or travel for delegates; however we can advise and do so through our welcome pack.
Q. How much is Accommodation?
Prices vary from R 120 (Backpackers) to R 400 (3* Bed & Breakfast) a night, you choose. We can recommend accommodation to suit all budgets. Just download our accommodation suggestions on the right.
Q. Will I use real alcohol?
Most definitely YES!!! We stock an impressive range of spirits and liqueurs; you could say we are collectors, which all students are encouraged to taste. When making cocktails we only use real ingredients, and all cocktails are tasted by the students and instructors. We are not a Dry BarSchool!!!
Q. Is the course enjoyable?
Our Testimonials speak for themselves; our philosophy from the start of the course is Objective No1. Enjoy the course, and the learning will become so much easier. Bartending is a fun career; our courses are formal when they need to be.
Q. Are there examinations?
There are various practical and written examinations (instructor support is given for students with learning difficulties); Free-pouring accuracy tests are also available. We also monitor all students' progress throughout the course on all practical and theoretical modules.
Q. Do the examinations cost extra?
Shaker SA now offers WSET Qualifications. Pay R1000 extra on your International Bartenders Course fees to write the WSET examination. Read more about WSET here.
Q. Can I retake the exams if I fail?
You are welcome to re-take each exam that you fail. The prices are: Theory retake = R 250 Practical retake = R 350 Free Pour Accuracy Test = R 150