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Local bartending company to shaker up SA bar scene
Our orginal launch announcement


Thursday, 17 August 2006

Shaker, the local UK bartending company, is set to shake up the South African bar scene by opening its first international office in Cape Town, South Africa this month.

Shaker BarSchool® will be the first division of the brand to be launched in South Africa by offering 2x five day bartending courses in Cape Town starting in September, namely, the International Bartenders Course and the Intermediate Flair Course.

“I suggested that Adam Freeth, the founder of Shaker, open their first overseas franchise in South Africa as through travelling their regularly and owning property in Cape Town I saw a great opportunity to bring our expertise to the country,” says Nick Cursi the man behind bringing the international brand to South Africa.

“South Africa and particularly Cape Town were an ideal location as their sunny weather is perfect for sipping cocktails all day, which attracts lots of tourists, but there wasn’t a suitable company to prepare the local bar industry to meet the standards of the international clientele.”

Cursi further points out that what makes Shaker different to the other bar schools is that their courses have a 75% practical weighting, the real thing is used when it comes to alcohol, fruit, herbs and juices and their courses are taught by only the best cocktail mixologists and flair bartenders the world has seen.

Cocktail guru Jamie Stephenson and flair bartender Anil Sabharwal are two such bartending champions from the UK that will bring their international talent to South African shores and train aspiring bartenders in the country.   

However, as in the UK, the South African BarSchool will not just be marketed to aspiring bartenders but also be sold to consumers as a way to have some fun and develop a new skill that will spice up any home party.

The courses will be offered as a means of taking home entertaining to a new level by offering them as gift items, which has been a great hit in the UK. South African consumers will also be able to even hire a mobile bar unit for celebrations at home or for special events such as weddings as done in the UK.

Shaker UK also consists of two other core divisions, specifically, Shaker BarConsultancy® offering advisory services and Shaker Events® supplying event bar solutions.
“We are sure that our graduates will be shaking things up in South Africa so watch this space for more exciting news from Shaker’s first international office in Cape Town,” concludes Cursi.