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Master Class with Marcello Gaya in Cape Town
Cape Town bartenders are invited to a master class as guests of two time Brazilian bartending champion, Marcello Gaya, on Friday, 26 September

Senhor Gaya will travel from the world’s Caipirinha capital to the mother city for the International Bartending Association’s World Finals in October this year. Shaker BarSchool was intrigued at the opportunity to organize a 2hr master class with the internationally acclaimed bartender who happens to be an expert on Cachaça, Brazil’s national spirit and base ingredient for the classic Caipirinha. “I have visited 200 Cachaça distilleries across the length and breadth of my country”, said Gaya in an email. Guests can expect to be treated to a tasting of Gaya’s personal collection of the highest quality home-made Cachaças in Brazil. There are only 20 seats for the master class, which is open for booking to the bartending community at no charge.

All interested individuals are asked to book only if they are certain about attending. The master class will be a fully booked session which means that those that do not pitch up would deprive someone else the opportunity of having attended.

Book a seat: 021 422 1574/

Master Class with Marcello Gaya
Friday, 26 Sep
17:30 – 19:30
Shaker BarSchool, 235 Bree street
Cape Town