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World Cocktail Championship Hosted in Africa for the First T
The International Bartenders Association (IBA) meeting and world cocktail championship will be held in Africa for the first time in history at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 29 September to 04 October 2014

In 1951 the first IBA meeting was held in a small saloon bar in Torquay in the UK. Four years later in Amsterdam, a Mr Guiseppe Neri was crowned the first ever IBA cocktail champion with his drink, the CONCA D’ORO (recipe below). This year marks the 63rd anniversary of the IBA meeting and will bring delegates and competitors from more than 50 countries across the globe to the mother city.

The IBA World Cocktail Championship is split into 6 competitions and followed by the IBA Flairtending Championship.

•        Before dinner cocktail competition
•        After dinner cocktail competition
•        Sparkling cocktail competition
•        Fancy drink cocktail competition
•        Long drink competition
•        Super Finals

The winner of each of the first 5 competitions above will compete in the 6th and final leg of the championship, The Super Finals which determines the ultimate IBA cocktail champion and his/her World Cocktail of the year.

IBA Cocktail Championship 2014 – Cape Town
01 – 02 October 2014
10:00am – 17:30pm
Cullinan Hotel
1 Cullinan street
Cape Town

1955 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Giuseppe Neri - Italy
Category: Pre-dinner
Method: Shaker
4/8 Gordon's Gin
1/8 De Kuyper Cherry Brandy
1/8 Bols Triple Sec
1/8 Bols Maraschino
1/8 Cinzano White Vermouth

Garnish: Orange Peel (squeeze)
Cocktail Glass