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Lotazoon 300g


Lotazoon (300g) is a type of carrageen which is obtained from red algae.
Iotazoon is used industrially as a gelling agent and stabiliser, e.g. in dairy
products and for the manufacture of pat├ęs, desserts, confectionery, sauces
and beverages.

Extra Info

Iotazoon gels on the one hand through heating and cooling
to a clear gel, the elasticity of which is dependent on the dosage. On the
other hand, Iotazoon also reacts with calcium ions and produces very flexible
and soft gels which, although they are not heat-stable, are highly suitable for
thawing and freezing.

These gels have pseudo-plastic properties (similar to those of Gellazoon low), i.e. the gel liquefies
through shaking, stirring or chewing, and sets again after a longer period left standing (like ketchup).
The consumer experiences this as a melting sensation in the mouth.
Due to its high calcium content, Iotazoon is especially suitable for the processing of dairy products.
Through the combination of both effects (hot gelling and reaction with calcium), milk foams can be
produced which are as creamy as cream itself.
Instructions for the production of a milk foam
- Stir 3 level measuring spoons of Iotazoon into 200 ml of cold milk until completely dissolved
- Slowly bring the solution to the boil
- After it has cooled, produce a foam from the milk solution using a cream siphon