Shaker are constantly rediscovering old classics and creating contemporary twists, so take a look through our cocktail recipe suggestions from past and present!
A bartender's beauty is in his moves, in the way he struts his stuff, in the field of rhythms that is set up in the orchestrated hatching of a large order of drinks.

Shaker People

Vlad Klaic - The Impaler
Course facilitator & Events managment

Vlad has been in this industry since high school and has run various style and cocktail bars. He has also been very successful with events coordination. His travels haven't taken him too far but that does not limit his capabilities or imagination.
Vlad has had the pleasure of entertaining Presidents and many celebrities from Nicholas Cage to Patrick Swayze.
He has been well involved in Molecular mixology category and is a certified Bacardi and Tezon Ambassodor. He won the International Cocktail Experience in Cape Town, setting him apart from the rest.

Shoe size: 9

What do you do: Accomplish the impossible

What do you like: People with a sense of humour

What don't you like: People who don't believe in themselves

Favourite tipple: Don Julio

Favourite cocktail: Don Julio Old Fashioned

Favourite record: All vinyls are great!

Favourite film: Gone in 60 seconds

Happiness is: Having a Margarita while waiting for traffic to die down.

Hero: Derren Brown

Where would you rather be: Mexico for sure.

What do you know: Most people stop at nothing when it comes to charity.