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Stirring and sloshing, rinsing and wiping, pouring and garnishing, with a fry cook's retention and an acrobat's timing, he virtually dances through his shift, skating, as it were, on the chunky ice he scoops with furious delicacy into each glass.

Shaker People

Maryna Cursi - Mama SHAKER
Financial Director

After a lengthy career sorting the finances of dozens of Cape Town businesses, Maryna joined the Shaker team with a raft of experience in accounting. After studying Accountancy in Cape Town and working in Colorado for Oasis Marketing (special events for Budweiser and Coca Cola) Maryna was headhunted from Purcell Accounting where she spent three years, to manage the Shaker office. Being one of the most organised people on the planet, Maryna oversees the administration, finance and marketing at Shaker Cape Town.

Shoe size: 5

What do you do: Whatever it takes

What do you like: Happy endings

What don't you like: Grumpy people

Favourite tipple: Kanonkop Pinotage

Favourite cocktail: PornStar Martini

Record: anything by Jack Johnson

Favourite Film: Joe Dirt

Happiness is: Jonkershoek on my mountain bike

Hero: who said that?

Where would you rather be: Hmm...Thailand

What do you know: more than most here at Shaker HQ