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He must have sound and fluent conversation; he cannot be drunken or dirty; the slightest dubiousness is quick to exile him to the police force, journalism, the oyster boats, or some other Siberia of the broken.

Shaker People

Martin Strobos - Stobos
BarSchool Trainer

Martin has been in this industry since the age of 18 and has worked various styles and cocktail bars around the world while learning from great Managers & Head Bartenders. With all the travelling he has managed a few cocktail bars & restaurants in our local. Always trying to think out of the box with cocktails & menu development. Working really hard on breaking new fields with Molecular mixology. Still an absolute fan of flairing a bottle or two every now & then.

Shoe size: 6 & ½

What do you do: As much as I can

What do you like: Sweeties, people, bars & new inventions

What don't you like: Dirty bars & dirty people

Favourtie tipple: Good cold Heineken

Favurite cocktail: Ron Diplomatico or Rum Old Fashioned

Favourite record: Depends on the day
Favourite film: Mmmmm so many…but Shawshank Redemption, Braveheart, The Crow, Inside man & Art of the steal

Happiness is: Me being happy

Hero: My dad

Where would you rather be: London or Cape Town

What do you know: That the most Indian people outside of India lives in Durban.