Bartenders tools

1. Bar sieve: used to double strain those finer cocktails, to remove shards of ice and small bits of fruit. It is used in conjunction with a Boston shaker and a Hawthorne strainer.

2. Hawthorne strainer: for straining ice and fruit from a Boston shaker, Other used include separating egg yolk from egg white by cracking the egg into the spring side of the strainer and draining the egg white into a container.

3. Julep strainer: the julep strainer is sued with a mixing glass for straining ice and fruit.

4. Juicer: for small quantities, there are a number of handheld tools for juicing citrus fruits. Cut fruit in half through the equator and squeeze ensuring not to juice too deep into the pith. Citrus reamers (wooden and stainless) offer a way of juicing citrus fruits quickly and effectively. An electric juicer is useful when preparing large quantities.

5. Muddler: a commonly used blunt tool used to crush fruits to release juices and oils to flavour cocktails. It can also be used to crush ice in combination with a Boston shaker.

6. Jigger: stainless-steel thimble measure used for measuring liquids. Sizes vary from 5 to 175ml in the UK and are government stamped, other countries may use fluid ounce measures.

7. Bottle pourers/tapered pour-spouts: stainless-steel pour spouts 285-50 model is preferred on regular (70cl), 750ml and 1 litre spirit, liqueur and cordial bottles. The 285-60 model has a larger diameter cork to fit an oversized bottle neck, such as tequilas.

8. Boston shaker/tin and mixing glass: ingredients are poured into the mixing glass; ice is added and the stainless-steel Boston shaker caps over the top of the mixing glass to form a seal.

9. Bottle openers/bar blade: a stainless-steel beer bottle opener, used as an efficient tool for opening beers at speed.

10. Waiter’s friend: a very useful tool of the trade as it fulfils a number of used, including cutting foil from wine bottles, as well as opening wine and beer bottles.

11. Lighter: every bartender should have one. A versatile tool used to make flambé garnishes, sprinkle cinnamon through and light candles.

12. Pineapple corer: used to hollow out pineapples so that the shell can be used as a drinking vessel. Remove the head of the pineapple with a sharp knife and use the corer to twist the flesh out of the fruit, leaving the core and the skin.

13. Whisk: for whipping up egg white to create foam, which can be used in cocktails.

14. Mini whisk: small whisk for whipping up egg white to create light foams

15. Gas torch: torches come in various sizes and a small gas torch is the preferred choice to brûlee foams and caramelised fruit garnishes.

16. Bar spoon: a versatile stainless-steel tool that has various uses. It can be used as a measuring spoon (holds approximately 5ml), a stirrer, a layering spoon and a muddler.

17. Tongs: used for handling fruit garnishes, larger bar tongs are used for handling ice.

18. Zester: a great bar tool used for peeling the outer zest of citrus fruit, The small sharp holes on the end are used for making small shavings and the larger tooth is used to cut thin strips of citrus peel which can be used to make citrus spirals, knots and other fancy garnishes.

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