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What We're All About

Shaker have been training bartenders for over two decades now at our schools in London, Johannesburg, Perth, Cape Town, Durban and many others. We have refined the knowledge you need to start your career into a number of short courses. Our team of experienced bartenders are on hand to help you both during your course and afterwards. You will always be part of the Shaker family. Whether you're starting your career, changing careers, or just exploring, a bartending course is a big investment to make, but one that will be with you all your life. Bartending is fabulous way to earn money, travel, and learn, and you can work either part time or as your own boss. Many famous people started their careers as bartenders: Sandra Bullock, Bill Clinton, Bruce Willis, Mila Kunis, and Russell Crowe to name a few. So if you're looking to learn something new, keep on reading...

Our Courses

If you're a complete beginner looking for an introduction into the world of cocktail bartending, we have a course for you! Or maybe you're already an accomplished bartender looking to explore advanced techniques—we have a course for you too! No matter your experience level, we're sure to have a course to suit your needs. Shaker BarSchool offer a range of accredited and vocational bartending courses from a one day Cocktail Masterclass through to the International Bartenders Course, Advanced Bartenders Course and WSET spirit courses.

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Why Choose Shaker For Your Training

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Shaker Bartender Courses

Find out more about what you can learn on each of our courses.

5 day International Bartenders Course

R 10 450,00

The IBC is our flagship and most popular course and involves an intensive 5 days of training for both the beginner and the developing bartender. The topics covered within the course are universal, enabling bartenders to use the qualification in international bars and restaurants.

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WSET Spirits Level One

R 4 800,00

A Beginner Level Introduction To Spirits For Those Starting A Career In The Industry Or Pursuing An Interest In Spirits.

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Advanced Bartenders Course

R 12 900,00

The ABC is the ultimate course for experienced bartenders looking to take their skills to the next level.

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2 day Style Bartending

R 4 200,00

There is a lot to being cool behind the bar; we take you through some of the most popular skills and tricks to impress your guests.

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Afternoon Cocktail Masterclass

R 1 900,00 - 1 750,00

This is South Africa's most popular cocktail experince for a reason. It is a fresh take on what a Saturday afternoon should look like: a day with your partner or pals, learning how to make refreshing cocktails.

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WSET Spirits Level Two

R 9 400,00

The WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits covers the main categories of spirits and liqueurs and examines the influences of production methods on the different styles available in each category.

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Save and Get Fully Qualified With Our Package Deals

We have a number of package deals where we have put together a selection of our courses that we think go together. The pinnacle being the Master Bartender Course which lasts a month and teaches you everything you need to know to start your bartending and barista career with both knowledge and style. You will also make a great saving on the price of the courses if you bought them separately.

Master Bartender Package

R 36 400,00Johannesburg

The Master Bartender Package is the full house deal. Offering all our top courses currently available at Shaker. This package will take you to the top level of bartending.

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Superyacht Package

R 18 200,00Johannesburg

The perfect package has been put together with the core beverage skills need for the world’s top superyachts. This package will get you confident with making cocktails, coffee and spirit knowledge. We also will give you some tips for dealing with demanding clients.

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The Knowledge Centre

This is where we share all our bartending and barista knowledge, from recipes and skills to industry news and events.

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