Mixing Glass/Boston Glass

Also known as the Boston Glass, this is the most commonly used glass for making cocktails. It is never used to serve drinks, only to mix them. It has a conical shape with a toughened heavy base and is used in conjunction with a Boston shaker.

Size range: 16fl oz/454ml

Rocks Glass/Old Fashioned/Tumbler

These glasses are generally used for serving a single spirit and a mixer, and cocktails served in these glasses are generally a little stronger than drinks served in tall glasses. Commonly used for drinks served on the rocks or frappéd (over crushed ice). This glass should also have a toughened base, which is ideal for drinks that require muddling.

Size range: 8-10fl oz/235-295ml

Collins Glass

These glasses, also called highball glasses, are most commonly used to make highballs (double spirits and a mixer), and tall cocktails. A 12oz glass is also perfect for a regular 330ml bottle of beer.

Size range: 12-14fl oz/350-415ml

Martini Glass

The martini glass, also known as a cocktail glass or classic glass, is an icon of style and sophistication. The V-shaped symbol echoing the shape of the glass is used to denote a bar in a hotel lobby or airport lounge and is the symbol of cocktails the world over. Drinks served in martini glasses should always be served without ice—ice should only be used to chill the glass, generally using crushed ice and water. This glass should also never be served with a straw.

Size range: 5.25-7fl oz/155-210ml

Margarita Glass

Taken from the cocktail of the same name, this Margarita or Coupette glass is generally used to serve frozen margaritas and daiquiris and has a broad rim for holding salt. Regular ice is not ideally used with this glass because of its shape but it is ideal from serving most frozen drinks.

Size range: 8-10fl oz/235-295ml

Sling Glass

This tall, thin Pilsner glass also takes its name from the famous cocktail the Singapore Sling. This is a fantastic glass to showcase drinks with fresh fruit, such as the Pimms, and can be used with regular and crushed ice. Quality commercial sling glasses will have a thick, heavy base and a short stem.

Size range: 14fl oz/414ml

Hurricane Glass

Also referred to as Pina Colada, Poco Grande or Zombie glasses. The distinct pear-shaped curve of this glass is reminiscent of vintage hurricane lamps.

Size range: 10-20fl oz/295-590ml

Champagne Flute

This glass is primarily used to serve champagne or champagne cocktails. This classic julep shape gives length to the bubbles of the drink. Champagne cocktails will never contain ice as this spoils the champagne.

Size range: 6-8fl oz/175-240ml

Shooter or Shot Glass

Used to prepare shooters/pousse cafés and single shots served straight.

Size range: 1-2fl oz/25-50ml

Brandy Balloon Glass

Also known as a snifter glass, this glass is primarily used to serve cognac or other brandies. The large bowl collects the aromas of the drink and the more expensive the brandy the larger the glass. These glasses are also ideal for pouring flamed drinks from.

Size range: 6-60fl oz/175ml-1.5l


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