I cannot emphasize how important it is to serve a consistent cup of coffee to your clients. This will convert a first time customer into a loyal one, this of course needs to be accompanied by a humble friendly service.

If you follow these five steps, your cappuccino’s consistency will be guaranteed:

1. Pour cold milk in the pitcher.
2. Grind coffee on demand for your espresso and follow the basic espresso making steps.
3. Start steaming milk shortly after you hit the espresso extraction button.
4. Swirl foamy milk in the pitcher in opposite directions until the texture is velvety. Then pour it immediately at a medium pace in the centre of the cup, starting from approximately 10 cm high. As soon as the cup is two third full, lower the pitcher until it rests on the cup and increase the pouring speed slightly. Lift up the pitcher when the cup is completely full and drag it forward to get a heart.
5. Ask your client to gently and carefully swirl the cappuccino couple of times in the opposite directions before taking the next sip. This will create the shiny “mischu happy ring” and means that espresso, milk and foam are perfectly mixed.